A post to get this started…

I don’t have much to write yet. And and I have a ton to write already.

We are still in the middle of chaos and destruction, so I struggle how to start this new blog without seeming flippant, naïve, or out of touch. We’ve been living in this pandemic for exactly one year now (here in Washington State), and we have all walked through some excruciating fires without ever leaving our homes. In fact, most of us have tried hard not to leave our homes (some of my friends live in countries other than the US that took this pandemic seriously and literally couldn’t leave their homes). I am realizing now that my confidence and self-assuredness have evaporated. Is thinking about another Camino selfish? Narcissistic? But then if I were to focus my energy on something else more serious, what would that be? I’m exhausted and a shell of who I once was after experiencing the personal trauma we’ve been going through, and I’m afraid that if I don’t start to focus on something more positive and healing, I may turn to dust the next time I bump into the kitchen counter.

Is it OK to look forward and start to hope for happier times yet?

I hope so because I’m exhausted and I’ve run out of good Netflix/Hulu shows to watch.

One thought on “A post to get this started…

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  1. It is necessary always to look forward and to hope for happier times. It may even be more important to make plans for just that. I’m hoping and planning to restart the Camino Primitivo, interrupted last year in March by the pandemic, in October. Being a believer, I’ve already purchased my plane tickets over.
    So Jen keep on planning!


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