Dreaming of the Camino, literally

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I have not been dreaming since the pandemic started. I don't mean wistfully dreaming of the future or fantasizing or anything like that. I mean at night, while asleep, I am literally not having dreams. Doing a quick search on this issue, it seems I may be the... Continue Reading →


One of the reasons I decided to start this blog so early is to have a place to share my planning and thought process with others -- in particular, my friend who wants to walk the Camino Frances with me next year (hi, Mary-A!). Lately, I've had gear on my mind, perhaps because gathering gear... Continue Reading →

A post to get this started…

I don't have much to write yet. And and I have a ton to write already. We are still in the middle of chaos and destruction, so I struggle how to start this new blog without seeming flippant, na├»ve, or out of touch. We've been living in this pandemic for exactly one year now (here... Continue Reading →

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